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Removing teeth that may harm you oral health

While our goal is to protect and preserve your teeth, Dr. John A. Marino may find it necessary to extract a tooth from your mouth if it is severely damaged. Tooth extractions are usually recommended when your tooth is beyond the point of restoration and is threatening your oral health. To schedule an appointment with our skilled dentist and learn more about tooth extractions in Annandale, Virginia, please contact our office at 703-485-4534.

A tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from your mouth. Tooth extractions are a fairly simply surgical procedure, and can usually be completed without causing significant pain or discomfort. Our dentist and team will do everything we can to ensure that your treatment is a comfortable as possible, including providing local anesthetic or sedation dentistry as needed.

There are several conditions which may require Dr. Marino to extract your tooth:

  • Severe infection which has destroyed large portions of the tooth and supporting structures
  • Significant tooth decay which has damaged the tooth beyond repair
  • Crowding caused by too many teeth in the area

After extracting your tooth we will provide you with post-op instructions to help you heal properly. Dr. Marino will also work with you to determine which type of restoration will be most effective at replacing it and restoring your smile and oral health.

For more information about tooth extractions and to set up an appointment, please contact our office today.