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Restoring your upper jaw and oral health

If you are receiving a dental implant in your upper jaw, our dentist may recommend a sinus lift to ensure the stability of your implant. We welcome you to contact us at 703-485-4534 if you are considering replacing the missing teeth in your upper jaw to schedule a consultation with Dr. John A. Marino and find out if a sinus lift in Annandale, Virginia, is right for you.

Sinus lifts, or sinus augmentations, are a type of bone grafting procedure. They are intended to increase bone thickness and density in the upper jaw, specifically, in the area of the back teeth. When your upper back molars or pre-molars are extracted, the sinus expands downward, meaning that there is not enough bone tissue to support an implant. When you receive a sinus lift procedure, Dr. Marino will lift the sinus membrane and gently move it away from the upper jaw in order to add bone grafting material to the treatment area.

Following your procedure, there will be four to nine months of healing required. Our dentist will then be able to complete your implant treatment and restore your teeth. In cases where you have sufficient bone tissue at the time of your sinus lift to stabilize the implant post, our dentist may perform the sinus lift and implant placement procedures at the same time.

Please contact our office for more information about sinus lifts and make an appointment with our dentist to determine if this treatment is appropriate for your oral health needs.