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Creating a stable foundation for your smile

If you are missing a tooth, the supporting bone tissue in the area will begin to deteriorate. Dr. John A. Marino provides bone grafting to ensure that you have sufficient bone tissue to support your teeth and restorations. To learn more about bone grafting in Annandale, Virginia, and schedule a consultation with our dentist, call our office today at 703-485-4534.

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure typically performed when your jawbone lacks enough density and thickness to support a dental implant or other restoration. Bone grafting may also be recommended as part of a periodontal treatment plan after your supporting bone tissue has been damaged by gum disease. Bone grafting is often the first step required to restore your oral health and function.

When you receive a bone graft, our dentist will transplant a bone grafting material into the extraction site or into the defects around your teeth. Ideally, this bone material will be taken from your own body. However, we can also use artificial material or bone material from a tissue bank if needed. A period of time will follow this procedure, during which your jawbone and the grafted bone tissue will fuse together to create a larger, stronger and more stable foundation for your teeth.

For more information about bone grafting and to set up an appointment with Dr. Marino, please contact our office today.