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Addressing the root of the problem to save your tooth

Woman with tooth pain
When infection enters your tooth nerves due to decay, cracks or other trauma and is left untreated, it can cause the tooth to die, and may require an extraction. When this occurs, Dr. John A. Marino can perform a root canal to save your tooth and prevent the need for extraction. We invite you to call us at 703-485-4534 for more information about root canal therapy and to schedule a consultation with our skilled dentist.

Root canal therapy is typically needed when infection and decay reach deep into the tooth. This treatment works to restore the health and vitality of the tooth so that it does not need to be extracted and replaced.

When you receive a root canal, Dr. Marino will remove the infected and injured tissues from within your tooth. He will then clean the inside of the tooth, fill it with a medicated material and seal it. The medicated material and sealing should prevent re-infection so that your mouth remains healthy following treatment. After this procedure is complete, we will provide you with a dental crown to cap the tooth and restore its strength and appearance.

Advances in treatment techniques and technologies have made it possible for us to complete your root canal procedure in just one comfortable appointment. While root canals are traditionally associated with pain and discomfort, our office provides sedation options and technologies that will minimize discomfort and help you receive your treatment with ease. We also utilize CEREC same-day dentistry, which allows us to create your dental crown in a matter of minutes to complete your treatment.

If you have any questions about root canal therapy, and to set up an appointment with our dentist, please contact our office today.