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Preventive care – the key to a lifetime of healthy smiles

Our dentist and team are strong advocates of preventive care. We are committed to helping you keep your mouth and smile healthy so that you can enjoy a beautiful smile and avoid developing painful or damaging dental problems that will require more extensive treatment. Call us today at 703-485-4534 to schedule an appointment with Dr. John A. Marino and learn more about dental examinations, checkups and hygiene in Annandale, Virginia.
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Initial Oral Examination
During your initial visit, our dentist and team will perform a thorough oral examination and take a series of X-rays. This will help us understand your oral health and develop a customized treatment plan for your ongoing care as well as any problems that we find during the exam. Following your appointment, we will set a schedule of regular dental appointments. These appointments allow us to provide you with preventive care and monitor your oral health so that we can diagnose and treat developing problems as quickly as possible.

Dental Checkups and Hygiene
Visit the dentist regularly greatly reduces your risk of developing tooth decay, gum disease and other damaging dental problems. You should come to our office every six months for a dental cleaning and exam. During these checkups, we will:

  • Thoroughly clean your teeth to remove plaque and tartar
  • Floss and polish your teeth
  • Examine your mouth for signs of any developing dental problems
  • Take any needed X-rays

While we recommend that you visit us every six months, Dr. Marino may suggest more frequent visits if your oral health is at risk. We also provide emergency dental care, and invite you to contact us at 703-485-4534 as soon as possible if you receive an injury or experience another dental emergency.

If you have any questions about preventive care, your initial visit to our office or your dental exams and cleanings, please give us a call. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you make an appointment.