CEREC Crowns

When you have a fractured tooth or when a tooth begins to crack due to an extra-large filling without much remaining tooth, a crown is needed. In the past crowns required multiple appointments and the wearing of a temporary crown. The temporary often leaked leading to sensitivity of the nerve. Since the temporary had to be removed, strong cement could not be used. Sometimes the temporaries fell off while waiting for the labwork to be completed.

It never made any sense, but somehow these temporary crowns often fall off on Friday afternoon!

In an up to date modern dental office, the multiple visit crown process is history. A tooth needing a crown can be treated in one visit. The tooth is prepared then scanned into our dedicated 3D imaging computer. The crown is then designed by Dr. Marino to account for such things as how it contacts the teeth around it, how it mates up with the bite and the shape that fits around the gum line.

When the design is complete, it is transmitted over a radio link to our computerized milling machine. That machine mills the new crown out of a solid block of porcelain. These crown blocks are available in many different shades to match your teeth. Unlike old fashioned crowns that had to have a metal shell under the porcelain, these match the teeth virtually invisibly. Instead of being cemented the all porcelain crown is bonded to the tooth structure so they are less prone to sensitivity and, in Dr. Marino's experience they are far less likely to ever pop off.

This same process is also used to correct:

If one of your teeth needs a crown, it just makes good sense to take advantage of modern technology to have it done in one visit!

Dr. John A Marino